Overview of Bid Process

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believe the buyer’s info has been forged, the same buyer has been registered by multiple agents or when a non-qualified buyer has been registered.


We promise to update you of the offer deadline and advise you of the final disposition of the property and carbon copy you on all correspondence from our seller to your buyer.


What NM Apartments expects from you:

Understand that our exact process is based in a contract between our client, the seller, and our company. Please do not ask us to modify it. Please understand that part of our agreement with the seller is that property tours only occur as scheduled and that all prospective buyers receive information simultaneously which means that your client has authorized us to send them information on the property the moment we receive it and that we will cc; you on all correspondence to your client.


Additionally, NM Apartments has a single page checklist of buyer’s agency duties that we would be glad to share with you – as a buyer’s agent if you complete these tasks, you will have represented your client and earned your fee.