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The following is a brief summary of the housing related projects taking place in the Near NE Heights Metropolitan Redevelopment Area.

Community Planning (C)
  1. Near Heights Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan
  2. Sun Tran offers doorstop service via SUNDIAL
  3. Cesar Chavez Community center
  4. Trumbull Child Development Center
  5. East Central Center for Family and Community Services
  6. San Pablo Streetscape
  7. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  8. Albuquerque Indian Center
  9. Community Health Partnership
  10. Mesa Verde Head Start Center
  11. APD Crime Free Multi-Housing Program
Single Family Programs (S)
  1. San Pablo/Espanola/Bell Home Ownership District
  2. Mesilla/Bell Affordable Housing Project
  3. Alcazar Home Ownership Project
  4. Indiana-Bell Home Ownership Project
  5. GAHP Alcazar

Multi-Family Programs (M)
  1. Health Care for the Homeless Transitional Living Program
  2. San Pablo Affordable Rental Housing
  3. Grove/Southern Affordable Rental Project
  4. Texas/Marquette Affordable Housing Project
  5. Multi-Family Ownership Program
  6. Yes Housing Inc, - Renovation Charleston/Chama Fourplexes
  7. Las Brisas Affordable Housing Preservation/Restoration
  8. Aspen Plaza - 96 new family style units - LIHTC
  9. NM Council of Churches - Ortiz Acquisition
  10. Kentucky Apartments and Community Center
  11. RSVP - 18 Veterans Rental Units

The following information has been collected by Todd Clarke CCIM as part of a City Contract. Please call (505) 883-7676 with any special requests.

  • City of Albuquerque Metropolitan Redevleopment Area - Near Heights

  • The City of Albuquerque has designated the area outlined in this map as an area that is in need of redevelopment. Planning Technologies, Bill Moy of the Star Group and Todd Clarke CCIM of Grubb & Ellis|Lewinger Hamilton Inc. , have been selected to assist the City of Albuquerque in designing a action plan to take to assist with redevelopment in this area. Check back during the next few weeks for updates on meetings and other info as the plan unfolds.

  • SunTrans Bus special routes and doorstop delivery via SunDial

  • Bus Route
    Special Busline in area that runs door to door runs for $.25. Click here for a flyer and basic info Misinformation began early on - read this Fall 1998 Albuquerque Journal piece on what the buildings future might be. Read what the Albuquerque Journal , Albuquerque Tribune , and the Editorial Page all had to say about the future of the property. Even the Weekly Alibi has joined the fray with a scathing editorial of the County Government.

  • Cesar Chavez Community Center

  • Picture of Center
    Construction was completed on the Cesar Chavez Community Center in 1998. The approaximatley 25,000 square foot building is a state-of-the-art facility.

    The Center serves as a focal point for the southeast area of Albuquerque. It is utilized for community meetings. It also houses a computer school, services for senior citizens, weight room, gymnasium and other ooms available for multiple uses.

    Situtated in Phil Chacon Park, the Center is a tribute to the dedication of the area residents who long advocated for its construction.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    7505 Kathryn SE CDBG

  • Trumbull Child Development Center

  • Picture of Center
    Currently under renovation, the old Trumbull Community Center is being converted into a City operated child development center. Day care and child development services will be availalble for 40 children ages 3 to 5 years old. Parent activity rooms and office space for the City's Early Head Start Program will also be housed in the facility.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    419 Pennsylvania SE CDBG

  • Health Care for the Homeless Transitional Living Program

  • Picture of Center
    The Federal Home Loan Bank provided RHI a grant of $126,000 for acquisition ($96,000) and renovation ($30,000). Private financing provided and the balance of funds needed to renovate this 24 unit, 1 bedroom apartment complex.

    RHI serves as the management company for this complex. The units are leased to clients of Health Care for the Homeless Transitional Living program. Through a grant from HUD, rent for these formerly homeless persons are subsidized by the City. During tenancy the residents participate in peer counseling programs to address the causes of their initial homelessness. Clients may remain in the program for a maximum of 2 years.

    Rents in the apartment complex are $303 a month (utilities included)
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    Bell & Pennsylvania SE FHLB
    $ 98,800

  • East Central Center for Family and Community Services

  • Picture of Center
    In 1982, the City constructed the East Central Center for Family and Community Services. The Center was etablished to provide health and social services to the growing population of the southeast section of the City. Over the years, the demands on the building exceeded its capacity.

    Two buildings across the street from the original Center at 7525 Zuni SE, were put on the market in 1992. Though in need of renovation the additional 12,000 square feet available in the buildings made it prudent investment for the City.

    The buildings were purchased and renovation was completed in 1996. Today they house the South East Heights Clinic, a primary health care clinic operated by UNM, and Young Children's Health Center, a pediatric clinic also operated by UNM. City administrative offices for the Center are also located in the building.

    The Zuni building was also renovated in 1996. Current tenants include the Public Health Divisoin of the NM department of Health and Women, Infant and Children's Program of UNM.

    Future renovation plans include the expansion of the South East Heights Clinic and Young Children's Health Center and addition of a dental clinic on the campus.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    7525 Zuni SE
    304 San Pablo SE
    306 San Pablo SE

  • San Pablo/Espanola/Bell Home Ownership District

  • Picture of Community
    In 1998, the City initiated a condemnation procedure against the multiple owners of the 32 unit apartment complex formely located on the site. Though court proceeds are continuing, the City has secured right of permanent entry. On February 9, 1999 the dilapidated and substandard buildings were demolished.

    The Trumbull Village Neighborhood Association as well as other community groups such as Turn Around Albuquerque were the primary movers in identifying this property as a major contributor to serious problems in the neighborhood. It was through their efforts that this property was brought to the attention of the City. The neighborhood has continued to be involved in the revitalization of this once decrepit property.

    The City will be building 16 single family townhouses on the property. These homes will be available for sale to lower income families. Rura Housing is the project developer. The Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership (GHAP) will be conducting community outreach to recruit eligible home buyers.

    Once the homes are sold, the City will receive approximatley $1,200,000 back from its investment through permanent financing. The balance of funds invested in the project will be converted into "silent second mortgages" carried by the homebuyers.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    San Pablo/Espanola at Bell SE CMO
    $ 240,000

  • San Pablo Streetscape

  • This project is a streetscape design which will make San Pablo more pedestrian friendly, incorporate community identity symbols to give residents a sense of place and will make other street improvements to enhance the appearance of this residential street. The project will complement the other projects that are happening on San Pablo such as the Trumbull Park Village project.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    San Pablo between Southern and Zuni SE CDBG
    $ 100,000
    Public Right of Way

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

  • Picture of Community
    Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a program that has been developed to reduce crime through various design techniques. Proven successful throught he country, this initiative was brought to Albuquerque in 1996. A series of neighborhood workshops were conducted. At these workshops, residents of Trumbull and La Mesa prioritized problems in the neighborhood that contributed to crime and deveoped solutions developed to address these problems.

    Specific actions taken were installation of traffic diverters to impede the flow of drug sales, increased and improved street lighting. Visual enhancements were also made such as the elimination of dumpseters and the use of roll out carts for garabage storage and collection.

    These efforts have indeed resulted in a decrease in street drug activity and violent crime. There is a growing sense of community and children are once again playing on the streets. The NM Apartment Report covered the progress of this design in the Q1'97 edition.

    The CPTED Design concepts This website provides background info on how to make your housing CPTED
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    Trumbull/La Mesa Streets CDBG
    $ 600,000
    $ 50,000
    $ 400,000
    Public Right of Way

  • San Pablo Affordable Rental Housing

  • Picture of Community
    528 San Pablo was purchased from HUD by RHI in September, 1995. The property has been abandoned and vacant for several years. The 3 units, 2 bedroom apartment complex had been severely deteriorated and was being utilized as a hang-out for drug dealers and users as well as vagrants.

    Renovation begain in October and was completed in December 1995.

    During the renovatoin phase of the project, the owners of the apartment complex immediatley south of the building expressed interest in selling their property. This building (532 San Pablo) was also very dilapidated. Though occupied, windows were covered with plywood, one unit had no heat and the general condition was very poor.

    The building was purchase by RHI with a loan from the City in December of 1995. The tenants of the building were moved to the newly renovated units in 528 San Pablo. Rehabilitation of 532 San Pablo was completed in April 1996.

    Apartments units in both properties are rented at $375/month including utilities.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    528-532 San Pablo SE CDBG
    GF Match
    $ 87,800
    $ 86,625
    $ 46,175

  • Grove/Southern Affordable Rental Project

  • Picture of Community
    This building was in the Resolution Trust Corporation's portfolio of foreclosed properties. Vacant for several years, the City has condemned the building.

    Thorugh a grant from the City, Rural Housing, Inc. (RHI) purchase the 12 unit, 1 and 2 bedroom apartment complex in October of 1995. The City contributed $80,000 towards the renovation with the balance of the $100,000 provided through conventional financing.

    Upon completion of renovation in April, 1996, six (6) of the apartments were reserved for participants of the "Bridges" program - a post release program for women from Bernalillo County Jail.

    Rent for the units will be $320 a month for the 1 bedroom units and $375 a month for the two bedroom units.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    636-644 Grove SE/Southern SE HOME
    GF Match
    $ 76,500
    $ 100,000
    $ 25,500

  • Mesilla/Bell Affordable Housing Project

  • This property was an abandoned 5 unit apartment complex. At one time in its history it had been one of the premier properties in the neighborhood. All the units in the building faced a courtyard with an inground swimming pool.

    Left to deteriorate over the years, as with the property at San Pablo and Bell , it became a haven for drug dealing. Because it was unsecured it was also a dangerous nuisance for the children in the neighborhood.

    The City has begun the legal process to secure the proprety through condemnation. Once acquired, the City will demolish the buildings and build new housing on the site.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    Mesilla and Bell, SE State
    $ 49,000

  • Albuquerque Indian Center

  • Picture of Community
    The Albuquerque Indian Center, through a CDBG grant, acquired the 6,075 square foot building and 67,000 square feet of adjoining property.

    The Albuquerque Indian Center provides a variety of services to American Indians. Services include counseling, employment training and job placement, substance abuse prevention education and counseling and other support services.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    105 Texas SE CDBG
    $ 302,358

  • Texas/Marquette Affordable Housing Project

  • Picture of Community
    Through a grant from the City, RHI purchased the 12-unit apartment complex in 1992. The complex consists of one 1 bedroom unit, ten 2 bedroom units, and one 3 bedroom unit. The City contributed $100,000 towards the acquisition and renovatoin with the balance provided through conventional financing.

    The complex was acquired in order to provide affordable housing and an office for the Peanut Butter and Jelly Program. This program works with low-income children with mental disabilities. The office area is also utilized for basic life skills education and training.

    Rents for the units are based on income. Currently the 1-bedroom unit rent is $300 month, a 2-bedroom unit rents for $315-347 a month and the 3-bedroom rents for $394.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    535-551 Texas NE
    8112-8116 Marquette NE
    $ 100,000
    $ 161,000

  • Mesa Verde Head Start Center

  • Picture of Community
    The Mesa Verde Child Care Center has been constructed next to the Mesa Verde Community Center. Youth Development Inc, leases the facility for their Head Start Program which can accomodate 48 pre-school aged children.
    Address Funding Source Amount Owner
    7900 Marquette NE CIP
    $ 165,600
    $ 40,000
    $ 158,000

  • Community Health Partnership

  • The Community Health Partnership...

    ... is a community-driven project that unites Southeast Heights residents, service providers and business people with representatives of the Department of Health and students and faculty of the University of NM to improve public health conditions in the southeast quadrant of Albuquerque. With financial support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, CHP engages UNM graduate students in community-based research, service, and advocacy to develop better public health systems and policies. Student projects emphasize interdisciplinary learning and eliminating barriers to healthcare access. Among our current efforts we are: - Advocating for effective language interpreting services in local healthcare facilities - Evaluating the health needs and expereiences of Latino immigrants. - Assessing community assets in the Southeast Heights area. - Assisting a group of Mexican immigrant women to develop a housekeeping cooperative - Assessing housing and healthcare expereiences of tenants in the La Mesa & Trumbull neighborhoods.

    For further information, please contact Dr. Peter Simonson (Project Coordinator), Anne Sensenig (Program Assistant), or Arturo Lopez (Community Liason)

    7717 Zuni SE, Albuquerque NM 87108 - 505-266-0396 fax: 266-0177 email:

  • Alcazar Home Ownership Project

  • Picture of Community
    In 1990, through a contract with RHI, the City provided funds for the purchase of 3 abandoned duplexes in the 500 block of Alcazar SE. The duplexes were a blight in the neighborhood and were frequented by drug users.

    Because of the seriously deteriorated condition of the property, rehabilitation was not an option. The apartments were demolished and plans were initiated to develop a first time home buyer program.

    In February of 1992, construction began on 11 town homes. Each town home consists of a living room/dining area, kitchen, laundry, closer, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Each unit also includes a garage, private backyard and landscaped front yard.

    The homes were sold to lower income first-time home buyers. The sale price of each home was $59,000. The cost of the HOME loan to RHI was passed on to the buyer as a "silent second" mortgage. This means that the home buyers financed a first mortgage for an average of $43,600. The "silent second" mortgage is not paid as long as the home buyer remains in the house. Should the owner choose to sell the house, the "silent second" mortgage will be paid in full, with an equity share, to the City. Or, it may be passed on to the next home buyer, if they meet the lower income requirements.
    Address Funding Source Amount Developer
    525-543 Alcazar SE CDBG
    $ 121,000
    $ 210,000

  • Indiana-Bell Home Ownership Project

  • The Indiana - Bell property was a vacant parcel of land which became available in 1995. Because of the success of the Alcazar project, the City was committed to developing more first time home buyer programs in the south east area.

    A grant was provided to RHI to purchase the property. A loan of $625,000 was made to finance the construction phase of the project. 10 single family homes were constructed. 5 homes are 3-bedroom and the remaining are 4-bedroom.

    The 3-bedrooms houses sold for $80,589. The 4-bedroom houses for $90,000. Home purchasers received a subsidy, in the form of a "silent second mortgage" for between $16,500 to $22,000. This mortgage will not have to be repaid until the property is sold or assumed by another qualified home buyer.

    The construction loan was repaid to the City, thus allowing further investment in housing development activities.
    Address Funding Source Amount Developer
    414-436 Indiana SE HOME
    $ 853,000

  • APD Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

  • Picture of Community
    The Albuquerque Police Department has put together an training program for owners, managers, and other interested parties on how to cut down on internal crime in a community. As of August 2, 1999, the following list of properties are in or near the area of this study and have obtained the Crime Free Certification:
    Cinnamon Tree7220 Central SE 06/14/1999 06/01/2001
    Gould's 8205 Trumbull SE 08/18/1997 08/01/1999
    Bosque Plaza 8201 Marquette NE 01/22/1998 01/01/2000
    El Paseo Village 420 Coal SE 09/29/1998 09/01/2000
    Hanosh Court 205 Hanosh Ct. SE 10/28/1998 10/01/2000
    Los Altos Towers 9125 Copper NE 11/11/1998 11/01/2000
    The Villa Apts1111 Cardenas SE 12/10/1998 12/01/2000
    Villa de Paz7900 Bell SE 03/08/1999 03/08/2001
    Address Funding Source Amount Developer
    Trumbull/Mesa area N/A
    $ N/A

  • Multi-Family Ownership Program

  • Picture of Community
    Currently in its Pilot Stage, the City of Albuquerque in conjunction with Fannie Mae and YES Housing (YDI), are developing a program to convert some of the triplexes and fourplexes in the Trumbull/La Mesa neighborhoods into partial home ownership.

    The program is targeted towards low income individuals who would live in one of the rental units, and rent out the balance. The program requires the candidate to attend educational and training instruction on Crime Free Multi Housing, apartment investment and apartment management.

    The first property is scheduled to start in September, 1999.
    Address Funding Source Amount Developer
    La Mesa/Trumbull N/A
    $ N/A

  • YES Housing Inc. (YDI), acquisition and renovation

  • Picture of Community
    YES Housing Inc., recently purchased fourplexes on Charleston and Chama which are currently under renovation with for new residents. Picture of Community YES Housing, Inc. also purchased this 58 unit property (Park Terrace and Melinda Vista) from the Resolution Trust Corporation in December of 1992.
    Address Funding Source Amount Developer
    530 Charleston SE

    436-444 Chama SE

    $ N/A

  • Las Brisas, acquisition and renovation

  • Picture of Community
    Las Brisas, a 120 unit apartment community was purchased in 1997. The purchaser utilized low income housing tax credits as the equity source for acquisition and renovation. Under the LIHTC program, a certain percentage of the units are set aside for affordable housing, while the balance are rented at market rates.
    Address Funding Source Amount Developer
    1201 San Pedro SE LIHTC
    $ N/A

  • NM Conference of Churces, acquisition and renovation

  • Picture of Community
    The New Mexico Conference of Churches, one of the first non-profit groups to purchase apartments, purchased this property in the early 1990's from the Resolution Trust Corporation.
    Address Funding Source Amount Developer
    1335 Ortiz SE $N/A
    $ N/A

  • New Life Homes, acquisition and renovation

  • Picture of Community
    New Life Homes, a non-profit, purchased this property in the early 1990's from the Resolution Trust Corporation.
    Address Funding Source Amount Developer
    437 Kentucky SE $n/a
    $ N/A
    New Life Homes

  • RSVP - New construction - 18 units

  • RSVP, after two attempts, succesfully secured HUD approval of a 202/811 program to develop 18 new units to provide veteran housing.
    Address Funding Source Amount Developer
    Palomas SE $n/a
    $ N/A
    Rehabilitation Veteran Services and Programs

  • Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership - Alcazar Townhouse

  • Picture of new townhouses Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership purchased these two multi-family vacant lots - for the redevelopment of the site into townhouses, which are nearing completion and will be offered for sale to income restricted families.
    Address Funding Source Amount Developer
    Palomas SE $n/a
    $ N/A

  • Development of one of the last high-density multi-family sites

  • Retirement Housing

    June 1999 - Spinning NMMFA Logo The developer/buyer of the site - Kaufman & Broad has been selected to receive 9% low income housing tax credits for the site. Closing is scheduled for November 1999 with construction to begin shortly thereafter. The community is planned to have 96 units (in Phase I) and will be tenatively called Aspen Plaza.

    Kaufman and Broad January 1999 - Through negotiations between our office and the Sacremento Grubb & Ellis Office - The seller (Lovelace Research Institute) puts together a deal using our feasibility study with Kaufman & Broad Multi-Housing Group to develop the site for multi-family using tax credits.

    December 1998 - We are currently wrapping up a due-dilligence report and market study on the one of last prime parcels of Apartment Land for development. Located just north of the Gibson entrance to KAFB, and on Louisiana this 5.8 acre parcel of land is due north of the new Vietnam Veterans Memorial and South of the Phil Chacon Police Station. Please comeback to this page in the next couple of weeks for more information on Albuquerque's newest Retirment Style Apartment Community.

    Additional Info:Call Todd Clarke CCIM
    (505) 883-7676 Fax: (505) 837-1944
    Address: 2340 Menaul NE Suite 200 Albuquerque NM 87107
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