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Consulting Assignment:

City of Albuquerque Near Heights Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan - Housing Summary

    MR Plan Housing Study Goals
    CAT Team Meeting - November 4th, 1999
    MR Plan Map - Boundaries
    MR Plan Map - Projects
    MR Plan Map - Crime
    MR Plan Map - Housing Stats
    MR Plan Map - Land Use

All apartment information has been culled by Todd Clarke CCIM as part of the NM Apartment Report Database. and on behalf of the City of Albuquerque.

  • As set forth in the contract between City of Albuquerque and Planning Technologies/Grubb & Ellis|Lewinger Hamilton Inc.,

  • As part of the overall response to the plan, Grubb & Ellis will provide the following components: 1) Development of Guidelines Book defining the following:

    a) Development of a benchmark of historical conditions:

    i) Overall demographics of neighborhoods defined by the MR plan

    ii) Four year history of average single family, attached townhouse, and multifamily sales per square foot or per unit.

    iii) Five year history of average rent per square foot and vacancy rates for multi-family projects.

    iv) Historical information about crime and crime rates in the area.

    v) Dissertation about property transactions, typical buyer profiles, etc. for this area.

    b) Development of review criteria and framework to determine or identify:

    i) Single family properties or neighborhoods that are in need of rehabilitation.

    ii) Single family properties or neighborhoods that are in need of redevelopment

    iii) Multifamily properties or neighborhoods that are in need of rehabilitation.

    iv) Multifamily properties or neighborhoods that are in need of redevelopment

    v) Minimum standards to identify Successful projects, communities or neighborhoods that have implemented change.

    c) Evaluation of:

    i) Existing financing programs

    ii) Existing government grants and/or programs.

    iii) Existing zoning and land uses and their compliance/hindrance with overall the needs for the area

    d) Identification of:

    i) Gaps between financing and area needs

    ii) Potential changes in land use needs

    iii) Concepts or plans that could be implemented on a neighborhood level to improve quality of living, property values, safety, and overall ambiance.

  • Community Action Team Housing Program Options Review

  • November 4, 1999 - 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Cesar Chavez Community Center

    The team reviewed historical housing, crime, and project info in the area on these slides: View the CAT Team Powerpoint presentation for this evening here

    Then the team reviewed three possible housing options that might have an impact on the area, weighing Pros vs. Cons, and prooviding overall feedback for each of the plans (A-B-C).

    Option A New Design This program option targets vacant and underutilized properties as candidates for new design of housing stock utilizing CPTED principles.
    Pros Cons
    CPTED concepts used

    Can be used as condominiums in the future

    Enhances the image of the neighborhood

    Highest and best use of land

    Crime prevention

    Increases communal aspect of a lot that size

    Might attract new residents

    Decreases density

    Savings in utilities

    Increased quality of life for residents

    Raising level of housing above area residents' reach


    Gentrification impacts area's culture

    Does not allow for more ownership options in the immediate future

    High construction cost

    Option A

    Option B Multi-Family Owner Occupied Properties (M.O.O.P.s) This program option fills 25% of unoccupied rental units with owner occupants. It offers financing options for low-income buyers and involves a landlord mentorship/training program. CPTED principles are also utilized in this scenario.
    Pros Cons
    Owner occupancy

    Economic opportunity for those who currently do not have it

    Pride of ownership

    Educational aspect


    Increased curb appeal

    Crime prevention

    Decrease in rental units/increase in occupancy

    Good for area's culture

    Solves absentee owner problem (note: absentee does not imply out of town per se)

    Little equity from owner - chance that he/she will walk away (note: whether the equity involved is actually "little" for the buyer was called into question)

    Lack of curb appeal

    Lack of opportunity for landscaping

    Option A

    Option C Rehabilitation Program This program option encourages rehabilitation of housing stock with a CPTED principle compliance component.
    Pros Cons
    Construction cost

    Crime prevention

    More habitable dwellings

    Ethnic appeal - color, brightness

    Better use of parking lots

    Better lighting

    Tenant screening

    More opportunity for community involvement by residents and organizations/sweat equities

    Includes property owners

    Marketing/publicity for the neighborhood - a chance to change the public's perception of the area (this applies to all three options)

    Lack of opportunity for landscaping

    Lack of pride of ownership for tenants

    Option A

    Finally, the team talked about other issues and possible solutions in the area including the following topics: Code team - shortgage of personel - 1on1 - CCRs & C.E.D.

    Color variation - cleanliness - tree's


    marketing=changing public perception

    "unified" block renovation

    ---tenant centtric - facade improvement

    relax parking requirement to allow for landscaping

    change street names


    spruce up alleys

    garage program

    ability to adopt CCRs after the fact?

    Attendees Willard Steinsick Pat Herring Don Gould Al Soto George Montgomery Bobbie Nobles Jeannete Moore Kerri Holly Connie Alexander Carol Weahkee Tom Kanley Isaac Benton George Hilton Mick McMahan Rod Davis James Crabtree David Curtis

  • City of Albuquerque Metropolitan Redevleopment Area - Near Heights

  • The City of Albuquerque has designated the area outlined in this map as an area that is in need of redevelopment.

    The following link provides you with a detailed inventory of activity in this area .

    Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet containing a list of Expenditures on these projects. area .

    Harrison Higgins of Planning Technologies, Bill Moy of the Star Group and Todd Clarke CCIM of Grubb & Ellis|Lewinger Hamilton Inc. , have been selected to assist the City of Albuquerque in designing a action plan to take to assist with redevelopment in this area. Check back during the next few weeks for updates on meetings and other info as the plan unfolds.

    Additional Info:Call Todd Clarke CCIM
    (505) 883-7676 Fax: (505) 837-1944
    Address: 2340 Menaul NE Suite 200 Albuquerque NM 87107
    Information compiled from the Database of Todd Clarke CCIM and is © of Todd Clarke CCIM and NM Apartment Report
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