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1. Do Cyber Sales Count?
2. Market Knowledge Is Power II
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PikeNet Dispatch
May 18, 1999
Vol. 4, No. 40 (188)
"Over 6,250 Subscribers"
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2. Market Knowledge Is Power II... In the February 19, 1999, Dispatch, I mentioned a question from a Texas broker: "How much market knowledge should I post at my web site?" ... Todd Clarke, a broker with Grubb & Ellis|Lewinger Hamilton in Albuquerque, NM, has more market data posted at his web site than any other individual broker that I know. Listen to Todd describe how he originally started out in the business (without a track record to tout) and how he maintains his edge:

"I made it my mission to collect more information on apartments than anyone else in the state, and I gave it away free (really rare in a non-disclosure state) -- in newsletters, speeches, and presentations. If someone thought apartments, I wanted Todd Clarke to be their next and only thought. ... The best thing that can happen is when I go into a listing presentation and there are the last five years of my newsletters in the owners' file or on his desk ... with comments scrawled across the top. ... The web site works the same way. You have to offer information to get a customer's interest. ... They do not care as much about your history, good deeds or awards as they do about market information (and I can prove it from a breakdown of my web hits report every month -- my resume gets 1/100 as many hits as my presentations/newsletters do). So I pack everything we do into our web site: press releases, new projects, rumors, stats, listings, the whole enchilada. Am I worried someone might steal it? Naw -- by the time they get it and reproduce it, it is already out of date."

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--Peter Pike

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