Bad Joke Gets Worse

ment-run cultural center whose only purpose is to make sure a few more of somebody's relatives got on the County payroll.
    There's something crazy about this attempt by the County to buy this building. County government is supposed to serve the unincorporated areas of its boundaries with things like roads and fire and police protection.  The Jones building is in the heart of the city of Albuquerque.  The nearest unincorporated areas of the county are miles away.
    Why would the brain-dead government entity concentrate its services where they're not needed?
   All that can be made of this move is that County officials see persona prestige in owning the Jones building.  That's because for the past several decades, as Albuquerque grew, county government became irrelevant.  The political power in the area came to rest in city government, and the petty fools in county government have become jealous. Now they want to get back by using your money to wage a personal, political battle against city officials.
    This joke gets sicker every day.
---Cap'n O