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Originally appeared inNew Mexico Apartment Report Vol. 5.2 - Q298
Does your apartment community have an on-site fax machine? Without one - you may be missing out on potential tenants. To date, NM Apartments Online has forwarded requests for info from over one thousand tenants to on-site managers across the state. Often, the same tenant is looking at multiple communities, and as such, those who respond the fastest often get the tenant first. If the NM Apartment Online database has a fax number for your community, it will fax the request within hours of the tenant sending an email. On the other hand, if your apartment does not have a fax, then NM Apartments Online will mail the request, which often times will put your community 2 to 3 days behind the competition.

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by Todd Clarke CCIM (www.nmcomreal.com/nmcomreal)
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