Spotlight New Mexico—employment changes across the state

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Text Box: Albuquerque- Gap Inc. is adding more positions to its headquarters operations by moving its Facilities Services Contact Center from California to Albuquerque. The center will bring about 40 new jobs to the Gap's downtown offices. Pay at the call center starts at $28,000, based on experience. Wal-Mart is planning to open one of its new Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market stores near 98th Street and Sage SW on Albuquerque's West Text Box: Clovis- A second Clovis area Leal's Mexican Restaurant will be opened and will employ about 75 to 80 people. 
Text Box: Carlsbad- The Environmental Evaluation Group will lay off its entire Carlsbad staff of 16 because of funding cuts by the Department of Energy. The DOE claims that EEG had overspent it $7.6 Text Box: Deming- After 91 years of operation, the Farmer's Supermarket on Platinum Street closed, eliminating 70 jobs. 
Text Box: Taos- Advance Call Center Technologies (ACT) is going to bring a new call center operation to Taos with jobs paying up to $28,000 per year. ACT will start with about 60 employees and may grow to 250 employees over the next four years. Kit Carson Electric Cooperative and SolarPort of Taos have agrees to join with two out-of-state companies in a solar energy project. The project involves Spire Corp, of Bedford, Massachusetts, who will build solar panels in a new Taos manufacturing facility and then sell the panels to SolarPort who will then use them to generate electricity, which will be sold to the Kit Carson Electrical Co-op. Investment funding for Spire and SolarPort will be provided by New Energy Capital of Wellesley Hills Massachusetts. Spire will own and operate the manufacturing plant. About 30 workers will be needed to manufacture solar panels at the new facility. 
Text Box: Rio Rancho- The availability of the old Gateway call center and the suitability of the labor force were instrumental in the selection of Rio Rancho as the site for a call center that could become operational quickly. Phase 2 Solutions is pleased with their decision and has said it was easy to hire 300 people for their in-and-out bound call center operations. They may hire up to 300 more workers.
Text Box: Santa Fe- The Papa John's Pizza at 559 Cordova in Santa Fe closed, eliminating about 20 to 25 people. Santa Fe's first Ace Hardware store opened on March 15, and employs about

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